Who's Your Daddy?
Wren, pictured here as a puppy, was
bred to Quincy and to Ray.  
Quincy as a puppy
Ray as a puppy
Pups are pictured at 4 weeks standing and 6 weeks, in order of their birth.  
Rain, the only girl
Quincy, Wren and Ray   August 2007
The use of multiple sires is allowed by the American Kennel Club as long as pups are DNA
tested to confirm parentage.  It is a great way to make use of the more limited reproductive life
of a female...almost like having two litters in one.  There will be more variety in the combinations
of genes.  And it is also interesting to watch pup's temperament develop, since the pups all
have the exact same environmental influences, we expect any differences to be due to heredity
(allowing for the differences among different pups within the same litter, of course).  Wren was
bred to Quincy and Ray at the same time by artificial insemination, since our first attempt at a
multi-sire litter resulted in only pups from the first male to naturally breed.  
See if you can guess the sire of each pup by looking at the pictures!  If you click on
the question mark beside each pup, you'll see who the sire is.