NSDTRC/AKC CH Vildandens Radon af Nischi WC
Ray and brother Vad with breeder Anette
Bjorgell when she came to visit the US in
2006.  Vad is very accomplished in the field
at a young age and recently earned his WCX!
The Vildanden brothers Vad and Ray
Ray at about 9 months of age, with a
wonderful full puppy coat!
Ray and his first girlfriend, Chive.  Ray
was bred to Chive, NSDTRC/AKC CH
Skylark Chive At Water's Edge WC FMX
VC and pups are due in March 07!
Chive had four pups sired by Ray, born at
Water's Edge Retrievers!  
Who's your daddy, Red?  The nose knows, of course!
Pictured above is one of Ray and
Chive's cute little girls!  I think she
looks a lot like her daddy!