There is nothing more fun and rewarding than raising a litter of puppies!  But
    at Skylark, we take it very seriously, from long before the puppies are born.  
    The breeding is carefully planned, taking health, temperament, conformation
    and hunting ability into consideration.  Then when the pups are born, they
    undergo Early Neurological Stimulation starting at day 3.  They get individual
    time including clicker-training from 5 weeks of age on, and also are exposed
    to noises, birds, walks in the country, other animals, and a lively home
    environment. Finally, they are temperament tested, carefully evaluated and
    matched to new families, and terribly missed when they go!
We so love puppies.  And we are well aware that what we do can affect the future of the life of each puppy
while he or she is here with us.  Everything we do, from the early handling and BioSensor "Super Puppy"
Program, to the individual training time away from the litter, is aimed at helping each pup reach it's full
potential.  We provide the new owners with lots of reading material, a clicker, and we are on call at any
hour to take phone calls and answer questions as long as the dog lives.  We stand behind our puppies,
and will take a dog back at any time of his life.  We try our best to match the pups with the right home,
because we are not happy if we think the owner or puppy is not happy.  Health is a big concern for us too,
and we provide guidance and recommendations that will lead to a hopefully long and healthy life for the
dog.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our puppies or the way we raise them.
We have one male pup available from this litter.    Contact me at laurie@skylarktollers.com to set up a
time to talk if you are interested in learning more about this
pup or Tollers in general.