Litter #13
CH Sienna-Red Navigator WC NA x Skylark's Fire Cracker FDCH
whelped September 19, 2005   Six girls and one boy.  The theme
for this litter was "Autumn"
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We leased Murphy (Skylark's Fire Cracker, from Star's first litter) for this litter.  She is
owned by Elizabeth Theesfeld and is in training for flyball.  She is a bit obcessed with
the tennis ball!  The litter was born here and all went well.  Murphy was a good mom
and didn't seem to miss her home and family too much (being busy with puppies
probably helped).  This litter had a puppy who holds the record for the smallest at birth
to survive, at least in our experience.  It was little Grace, who was only 4 ounces at birth
and yet grew and was as active (maybe even more active) as her siblings.  When she
left here she was around 7 pounds, and most of our pups are around 8 to 14 pounds
when they leave.