2007  Happy New Year!  Corrie's pups have left for new homes and so has Rufus.  Good luck in your
    new families, guys!  You can see the pups growing up here

    We were very happy with how the Cooper/Corrie pups turned out.  It was Cooper's first litter and he did a
    good job of producing some nice pups.  He is Vermilion's Kid Cooper and he has 10 pts toward his AKC
    Championship (2 5-pt majors) and is an active hunting dog.  If you'd like to see stacked pictures of the
    pups, let me know and I'll gladly share them.  Cooper is owned by Brad Keller of Fargo.
    12-9-2006  "Sam" who is officially Skylark's Winning Colors started her show career in a winning way!  
    Even though she is just a pup, I entered her in the Bred-by Class and she won her class and then took a
    major Reserve!  Even more exciting was the Sanctioned Match after the show.  Turn-out was high and
    Sam took Best of Breed (with an entry of 6 Tollers I think) and in a huge group, she took Sporting Group
    4th!  Not bad for a pup who only self-stacked at the beginning of the match but by the end of our long
    time in the ring, was allowing me to place her feet and quickly turned into quite the little show dog!  
    Another big win at this show was Cricket's granddaughter "Ginger" finished her AKC Championship and
    thus a club Championship.  She is SR NSDTRC/AKC CH Vermilion's High Roller WCI and is owned by
    Paula and Mike Wortman.  Congratulations on your first Champion Paula and Mike, and I think this is the
    third Champion for mom Madra (Can/Intl CH Skylark Vermilion Madra Zev).  On Sunday, taking a major
    Reserve from the puppy class was Ivy's son "Jet" who is Skylark's Breaking Mach'One.  Jet is owned and
    handled by Sandie McMaines.  Good job Jet and Sandie!

    11-19-2006  We got news that Pete's son (and Riot's brother) Chili got his AKC NAP title!  He had
    placements of 1st, 2nd and 3rd and also got 2 Jumpers With Weaves legs!  He is owned by Kathy
    Gibson and is Vermilion Skylark Fiery Spice NAP and we look forward to more good news from this
    team!  Great job Kathy and Chili!

    11-12-2006  Ecco is adding more letters after her name!  She earned her AKC NA (Novice Agility) title
    with a first place in the 20" Novice B class!  She is now Skylark's Deja Vu All Over Again CD RN NA CGC,
    and she is owned by Maureen Baumtrog.  Great teamwork, Ecco and Maureen!  We knew you could do
    it and we look forward to hearing more from this talented pair! (Ecco is the daughter of Pete and Corrie)

    10-31-2006  Corrie has her Halloween litter, sired by Vermilion's Kid Cooper.  Four boys and three girls.  
    Click here to see photos
    or go to their page on this website link from the picture above

    10-8-2006  Ray finishes his AKC CHAMPIONSHIP with ALL MAJORS!  He had wins of 5, 5, 4 and 3 points
    to finish at just over 2 years of age.  He went Best of Winners again and now we'll let him mature and
    work on some obedience training.  He is unofficially CH Vildandens Radon Af Nischi.  Thanks for the
    great "puppy" Anette Bjorgell from Vildandens in Sweden!

    10-8-2006  Chive finishes her AKC Championship with all MAJORS!  Very nice way to do it, Chive and
    Dan (with her favorite fan-club member Nancy at the other end of the leash)!  Chive has her WC so she
    should also be a club Champion.  Well-done Chive and crew!  She is a daughter of our NSDTRC/AKC
    CH Sienna-Red Navigator WC CGC and Skylark's Genuine Risk, and is unofficially NSDTRC/AKC CH
    Skylark Chive At Water's Edge WC FMX!  She is Aker's third Champion daughter for 2006!

    10-7-2006  Ray (Vildandens Radon af Nischi) goes Best of Opposite Sex and Best of Winners for 4 more
    points at the Wright County KC show!  Chive (Skylark Chive at Water's Edge WC) is Winners Bitch for 3
    points, and she is owned by Dan Rode.  Pete (Can CH Skylark's Pistol Pete CD OA NAJ WC CGC) is
    Reserve Winners Dog from the Bred-by class in a 6-dog entry, so that is nice for the old guy who doesn't
    often get to do the "pretty dog" stuff.

    Corrie is pregnant and pups are due November 1!  We bred her, for which will be her last litter, to a son
    of Pete, Vermilion's Kid Cooper.  He has 10pts (two 5-pt majors) toward his AKC CH, is pointed in
    Canada, and is used for hunting.  

    9-31-2006  Aker's daughter Cherry (Vermilion's HrtNSoul von Pride) went BOB over the boys for 2 more
    points...she has both majors and 12 points now toward her AKC Championship!  She is owned by Darcy
    Hudman.  Great news, Darcy and Cherry!

    9-24-2006  At the US National Specialty, several Skylark Tollers or sired by our boys made us proud!  
    Skylarks Deja Vu All Over Again RN CD CGC finished her RN at the National and then earned her CD in
    three straight trials at the National weekend shows.  She also tried agility, conformation and field so that
    is one talented dog and she is owned by Maureen Baumtrog.  Well done Maureen and Ecco!  Skylark
    Chive At Water's Edge WC won her class, the cutie!  She also earned the first leg of her CD obedience
    title.  Vermilion's Hue Of Cinnabar won his class and looked very nice despite being out of coat.  It was
    good to meet him again!  Cricket placed 2nd in her Veterans class and had a ball at 12 years of age!  
    Pete placed 3rd in his Veterans class and Aker placed 3rd in the Stud dog class.  

    9-2006  Aker passes his CGC test and so he should qualify for the US Club Versatility title!

    8-25-2006  Pete earns his Open Agility title and then should qualify for the US Toller Club Versatility
    Certificate!  What a dog!  He is 8.5 years old and jumping full height at 20 inches, and finished his title
    with a 1st place and perfect score of 100!  The next day he earned his NAJ title with a 3rd place and
    perfect score.  Pete is the best sort of dog to work with...always willing, always wagging!

    8-26,27-2006  Aker's daughter with Star, Skylark Chive at Water's Edge WC FMX gets two more majors
    toward her AKC CHampionship!  She now has 3 majors.  It was a big entry, and she went Best of
    Winners on Sunday.  Chive is owned by Dan Rode and is a fast flyball dog as well.  

    8-5-2006  Aker earns the Working Certificate title!  He is now NSDTRC/ACKKC/Can CH Sienna-Red
    Navigator WC.  He put in the sort of performance that he always does when hunting or during practice,
    super-fast retrieves back directly to hand.  He really is a special sort of dog.  He has never been trained
    but now we'll try a bit of training and go for the next title.

    6-25-2006  At the BYC working tests, we are proud of the attempts some owners of Skylark dogs made.  
    Several dogs tried the test, and they had not seen ducks, and/or the scenario of a test, and so even
    though they did not pass we are glad the owners are working with their dogs and willing to give it a try.  
    And Pete's cute daughter Vermilion's Fox Fireopal earned her WC with gusto!  She is owned by Paula
    and Mike Wortman and Kathy Koebensky-Como.  She is fun to watch and has Pete's drive!

    6-24,25-2006  At the regional specialty, the Backyard Classic, we had a supported entry and a large
    entry of Tollers, both in the classes and as Specials.  The day belonged to Aker's daughter Hannah.   
    She went Winner's Bitch to finish her Championship and then also Best of Winners and Best of Opposite
    Sex over Specials.  She earned her WC the next day so is also a NSDTRC CH now as well!  What a
    great BYC for Hannah!  She is now NSDTRC/AKC CH Vermilion's Holy Hannah US/Can WC, and is
    owned by her breeders Kathy Koebensky-Como and Jamie Como, and Dan Lind.  Oh yes, she also was
    2nd in Group in the Bred-By Exhibitor Sporting Group!  We are very proud of Aker's girl!  Congrats to all

    6-24-2006  Anette Bjorgell and her family is visiting from Sweden and she got to see Ray and Vad
    again!  She says Ray looks just like his mother Chila!  I am so happy to hear that!  She got to see him in
    the show ring, and his first attempt at a working test.  Ray is still a bit goofy and is hampered by lack of
    training, so we have some work to do.  But we are so glad Anette got to see him again, and we enjoyed
    visiting with her about Swedish shows and working tests.  

    6-18-2006  "Quincy" finishes his NAHRA Started Hunting Retriever title in style with passes at two difficult
    tests.  So he is now SR NSDTRC/AKC/Can CH Skylark's Rowdy Riverdancer Am/Can CDX WC CGC!  
    Great work Jean and Jon Gravning and Quincy!  

    6-13-2006  We arrive home after traveling from North Dakota to New Jersey by car to get Teddy's
    puppies.  It was a great adventure and the pups traveled well.  One little girl gets to live in NY with her
    daddy Parker (NSDTRC/AKC CH RedDog's Peerless Parker CD WC JH) and Mardie Smith.  Her name is
    Skylark's Ribbons For RedDog.  We look forward to hearing stories of Ribbon and her new family.  

    6-11-2006  Skylark's Ditto Megan Rose goes BOB for her first 2 points toward her AKC CH at Flagstaff
    under judge Rita Bell!  Megan is owned by Henry Rhone and is a daughter of Pete and Corrie.  

    6-10-2006  Aker's daughter Vermilion's Hrt N Soul V Pride "Cherry" owned by Darcy Hudman goes BOB
    for her first points!  This was at the Flagstaff AZ show under judge Carol Esterkin.

    6-4-2006  Ray does it again, another Best of Winners for another 5-pt major!  Thanks Anette for this
    handsome boy!  Judge was Dr Alvin Krause.  

    6-3-2006  Ray, our Swedish boy, goes Best of Winners for a 5-pt major.  He is Vildandens Radon af
    Nischi and is maturing very nicely.  And Corrie (Can CH Lennoxlove Encore At Skylark) is awarded
    Reserve Winners Bitch to a 5-pt major.  This was at the FMKC shows under judge Sandra Goose Allen.  

    6-2-2006  Cooper (Vermilion's Kid Cooper) owned by Brad Keller goes Best of Winners for a 5 point
    major at the FMKC shows under judge Charles Olvis.  This gives Cooper his second 5-pt major in very
    limited showing.  Congratulations to Cooper and crew!  He is the son of our Pete and a full brother to
    Riot (mom is CNSDTRC/Can CH Landew Vermilion Let'er Ride CD WC).  And Riot was awarded Reserve
    Winners Bitch to a 5-pt major.  A great brother -sister showing!

    5-27-2006  Blitzen and owner Mary de Lamerens earned thier Working Certificate title!  Blitzen wowed
    the judges with his great style!  He is now Skylark's RePete Adventure WC!  He is a son of Pete and
    Corrie.  Great work Mary and Blitzen!

    5-21-2006  Pete (Can/Int'l CH Skylark's Pistol Pete CD NA WC) is such a trooper!  He humors me by
    running around the agility ring and going where I point.  He's only been to around six classes in his
    lifetime with me.  And this weekend he got his second Open Standard 20" leg with a 2nd place, and we
    also tried Jumpers with Weaves for the first time and he got his first 2 Novice Jumpers legs wtih a 4th and
    a 2nd place in 20" class.  He is 8 years old and never ceases to impress us!

    5-13-2006  Pepper is a new CHAMPION!  She is AKC CH Skylark's Vermilion Pepper and is from Aker
    and Star's first litter.  She is owned by Henry Rhone and Kathy Koebensky-Como.  We are very proud of
    Pepper's show accomplishments!  Great work Henry and Pepper!

    5-4-2006  It's been busy here.  We are loving all the puppy antics and fun!  Riley the beagle pup loves
    to get in on the action (with supervision of course).  As the pups grow and develop, we are able to
    evaluate them and we like what we see.  We should have a couple of show prospects available to the
    right homes.  

    4-16-2006  The Easter Bunny brought 5 little puppies!  Teddy in NJ had her litter sired by CH RedDog's
    Peerless Parker CD JH WC.  We leased Teddy for this litter so it will be a long-distance adventure.  Her
    owner, Carol, whelped her first litter and is doing a great job.  Teddy had two girls, and three boys, all
    nice and fat and sleek.  We'll have fun watching them grow!  Teddy is Skylark's Witchy Woman, daughter
    of our Star and Aker.  She looks like her daddy!  Click here for photos.

    4-15-2006  Not a Toller, but Becky's new beagle Riley went to her first match for practice and showed
    like a champ!  She is just 3 months old, but freestacks like a dream and she won the Hound Group, and
    showed well for Best in Match but was by far the youngest and smallest.  We are so happy with how well
    she acted and we had fun!

    4-8-2006  Quincy (NSDTRC/AKC/CKC CH Skylark's Rowdy Riverdancer CDX WC VC) and owner Jean
    Gravning finished his AKC CDX (Companion Dog Excellent obedience) title!  Way to go Quincy and
    Jean, what a team and what a versatile dog!  Jon Gravning, Jean's husband and Quincy's co-owner,
    finished his UD (Utility Dog) title on his Chessie Sally on the same day!  WOW what an accomplishment
    for a couple of rural North Dakota dogs...trials are few and far between and always involve a long drive,
    making every qualifying score important and sweet!  

    4-2006  Pictures of all the pups can be seen at my Webshots site here

    3-27-2006  Ivy (AKC/Can CH Skylark Chasing Rainbows) has 4 pups, all boys, sired by Vermilion's Bets
    On Rueger WC.  

    3-26-2006  Star (Skylark's Genuine Risk) has 5 pups sired by Elvebredd's Gotta Have Nacho's.  Three
    girls, two boys.  

    3-2006 NSDTRC/AKC/CKC CH Skylark's Rowdy Riverdancer CD WC VC "Quincy" gets notification that
    he qualifies for the NSDTRC-USA Versatility Certificate.  We are very proud of all that Quincy and
    owners Jean and Jon Gravning have accomplished!

    3-11-2006  Skylarks Vermilion Pepper goes Best of Breed for her 2nd major and then places GROUP 4
    from the classes, under judge Mr Jeffrey Pepper who was also the judge for our last National Specialty!  
    What a wonderful win for Pepper and owners Henry Rhone and Kathy Koebensky-Como!

    3-2-2006  Beamer finishes his Companion Dog obedience title!  He is now Skylark's Hi Beams On
    Heaven CD.  He is owned by Mitch Presnall...CONGRATULATIONS on the teamwork!  This guy is from
    Cricket's last litter, sired by Can CH Berdia's Shylo So High, and from this litter alone we have 3 AKC
    CDs, one CDX, 2 AKC CHs (and Beamer has 12 pts, 4 majors), one WC/JH, a UKC SHR, a UKC CH and
    a IABCA Int'l CH.  Wow, I appreciate the owners working and showing their "pups" and am thankful that
    my foundation bitch Cricket (Can CH Lennoxlove Skylark Cricket CD WC) has been such a good
    producer.  I can't thank Marile Waterstraat and John Hamilton of Lennoxlove enough for this old girl!

    2-5-2006  Skylarks Vermilion Pepper goes Best of Opp Sex over a Special for another 2 points.  She is
    owned by Henry Rhone and Kathy Koebensky-Como.  And "Beamer" gets another CD leg with another
    3rd place.  

    2-4-2006  Skylark's Hi Beams On Heaven "Beamer" gets another major toward his AKC Championship
    (now has 12 pts all majors I think) and earns his first leg on his CD with a third place!  He is owned by
    Mitch Presnall.

    2-3-2006  It's official...Aker is a NSDTRC(USA) Champion!  He met the requirements some time ago but
    the certificate just came in the mail today.  So he is NSDTRC/AKC/CKC CH Sienna-Red Navigator.  But
    the club title is the one we are the most proud of, since it is reserved for dogs who not only earn the
    show championship but also prove they have field ability.

    1-2006  The Year of the Dog!  Cool!  We hope so.  Star (Skylark's Genuine Risk)  has been bred to an
    older dog who has never sired a litter, but we love his pedigree and how he looks and acts, so we'll look
    forward to seeing what this dog will produce.  His name is Elvebredd's Gotta Have Nachos.  And Ivy
    (AKC/Can CH Skylark Chasing Rainbows) has also been bred and this will be her first litter.  The sire is
    Vermilion's Bets On Rueger WC.  Rueger is a hunting dog and a son of Wager, who is Star's sire, so
    these two litters will be cousins of sorts.  Now we wait and look forward to meeting these puppies in late

    1-8-2006 Aker (AKC/Can CH Sienna-Red Navigator) wins Best of Breed at the Land of Lakes KC show!  
    It was the largest entry at a non-Specialty in this area to date...28 Tollers entered, 7 of which were
    Champions.  Aker is maturing and looking good, and he never stops wagging his tail in the ring.  He's a
    happy boy, and we are happy with him!

    1-7-2006  Pete's son Vermilion's Kid Cooper gets a major win at the Land of Lakes KC AKC show in
    Minnesota.  It was a large entry, so a very nice win for this boy!  He is a brother to our Riot.

    12-17-2005  UKC CH Skylark's Vermilion Pegasus, "Peggy" finishes her AKC CH with a 5-pt major!  She
    also finishes her CD with a 3rd place in her obedience class!  What a day for Peggy and her owner
    Dawn Bunkelman!  Great teamwork Dawn and Peggy!  Peggy is a daughter of Can CH Berdia's Shylo So
    Hight and Can CH Lennoxlove Skylark Cricket CD WC, and is also co-owned by Kathy Koebensky-Como
    and Jamie Como.  She is the 2nd AKC CH from this litter, with another brother close to finished with 4
    majors.  She is also the 2nd obedience-titled pup from this litter so far (same brother who is close to his
    CH is also close to his CD).

    11-20-2005  To finish out the weekend, Quincy (NSDTRC/AKC/CKC CH Skylark's Rowdy Riverdancer
    CD WC) qualifies 3 times and earns his CDX title, with some placements, and also is awarded Best of
    Breed in the Northwinds dog show.  Great work Quincy and Jean!

    11-19-2005  Aker finishes his Canadian Championship at the Northwinds Dog show!  His daughter,
    Vermilion's Holy Hannah Can WC, earns 8 points toward her Championship from the Puppy class over
    this weekend.  She's a cutie, bred by Vermilion Tollers and co-owned by Dan Lind, Kathy Koebensky-
    Como and Jamie Como.

    11-18-2005  Aker is Winners Dog at the Manitoba Sporting Dog Specialty.  And AKC CH Skylark's Red
    Devil (Ruby) is Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best Open class winner in Specialty.  Ruby is owned
    by Kevin and Val Kettner and is now sitting on 9 pts for that CKC Championship.

    10-30-2005  Murphy's pups are 6 weeks old.  Little "Mouse" is still holding her own, can make it up the
    steps and seems to be a normal active feisty Toller puppy.  She was only 4 oz at birth, much smaller
    than any pup we've had before.  She still is smaller but seems to be holding her own  with her big
    littermates.  It will be fun to see her grow up, to see if she will always be a Toller in miniature or will she
    surprise us and grow full size?

    10-9-2005  Chive (Skylark Chive At Water's Edge WC FdCH) is Winners Bitch for an AKC Major at the
    Wright County Kennel Club show!  Good job Dan and Chive...now if they only would award points for

    10-1-2005  Stuart (Vermilion's LBM Jeb Stuart) finishes his AKC CD title!  Good work Lori and Stuart!  
    Stuart is a son of Pete and a brother to our Riot.

    10-2-2005  News from the NSDTRC(USA) National Specialty is good!  A BIG Congratulations to all who
    tried and to those who passed!  Baby Hannah, the BEST PUPPY from the day before, tried the WC and
    one water bird was submerged under some weeds, and although she didn't give up easily, she never did
    find it.  But good try and let's hope for better luck next time.  She passed her WC at the Canadian
    National Specialty weeks before, and it was a challenging test by all accounts.  Good-working' pup!  Also
    Quincy (NSDTRC/AKC/Can CH Skylark's Rowdy Riverdancer CD) can add WC after his name!  So he'll
    be the first Skylark Toller to qualify for the Rusty Jones award.  Well done Quincy and team!  Most
    exciting is Quincy's sister Sadie (Skylark's Funny Girl WCI JH) passed the WCX so can add that high
    level title to her name.  Great work, Vicki and Sadie!  These littermates are from my first breeding of Pete
    and Corrie.  Another Pete offspring to earn a WC at the National is young Pimu (Vermilion's Fuego at
    Zibal) owned by Birgit Steinich from Mexico.  Pimu also was 2nd in his obedience class and earned a leg
    toward his CD and he's ONLY 8 months old!  Great teamwork Birgit and Pimu!

    10-1-2005  At the 2005 NSDTRC(USA) National Specialty, Vermilion's Holy Hannah Can WC, daughter
    of Aker (CH Sienna-Red Navigator) and Can/Int'l CH Skylark Vermilion Madra Zev is BEST PUPPY and
    Reserve Winners Bitch!  A wonderful honor for her breeders and co-owners Kathy Koebensky-Como
    and Jamie Como, Vermilion Tollers.  This is the second year in a row that they have bred the BEST
    PUPPY at the National, and both puppies have had field titles at a young age.  Great job, guys!

    9-19-2005  Murphy (Skylark's Fire Cracker) has puppies!  Six girls and a boy sired by our Aker (CH
    Sienna-Red Navigator).  You can see pictures of mom and family at my webshots page.  Click on the text
    under the picture above.

    9-11-2005  Pete (Can/Int'l CH Skylark's Pistol Pete CD NA WC) and his sister Mindy (Can CH Skylarks
    Hunts Point's Mindy CD WC) both got 2 passes towards their HRC Started Hunting Retriever titles this
    weekend.  Good job, guys!

    8-28-2005  Aker (Sienna-Red Navigator) is a NEW AKC CHAMPION!  He went Best of Winners for a 5-
    point major and finished with 4 majors!  We are very happy with the way this boy is maturing!  

    8-27-2005  Pete (Can/Int'l CH Skylark's Pistol Pete CD NA WC) and I entered our first AKC Open Agility
    trial and earned a leg and a 3rd place in the 20" Standard class.  Pete never ceases to amaze me with
    his willingness to do whatever I ask of him.

    8-27-2005  Pete's daughter "Foxy", Vermilion's Fox Fireopal, goes Best of Winners at the St Croix Valley
    KC show for a 5-point major, and from the Puppy Class!  She is only 6 months old!  She is owned by
    Paula and Mike Wortman and Kathy Koebensky-Como, and was aptly handled by Paula.  At the same
    show, a Cricket grandson, "Chip", Water's Edge Place Your Bets (Roy X Curry) was Winners Dog for a
    major also from the Puppy Class.  Way to go puppies!

    7-15-2005 Corrie (Can CH Lennoxlove Encore At Skylark) gets a major at the Duluth KC show...her first
    AKC major!  Due to taking time out to have puppies, she has not been to many AKC shows.  Aker picks
    up a couple of points at this show as well.

    AKC/Can CH Skylark's Rowdy Riverdancer CD is notified he is a NSDTRC-USA CHAMPION!  He meets
    the field requirement with a NAHRA Started Hunting Retriever pass, and he's already an AKC Champion,
    so we are very proud to announce his new title.  Good work Jean and Jon!  And good boy, Quincy!

    6-5-2005  Ivy (Can CH Skylark Chasing Rainbows) is a NEW AKC CHAMPION!!  She finished with 4    
    majors and all majors, and all from the Bred-by Exhibitor class in only 4 show weekends.  We are so
    proud of our Ivy!

    6-5-2005  Pete (Can/Int'l CH Skylark's Pistol Pete CD NA WC)gets Best of Winners for a 3 point major in
    his first AKC show weekend!  Not bad for an old guy!

    6-4-2005 Skylark's Red Devil, "Ruby" owned by Kevin and Val Kettner, goes Winners Bitch and finishes
    her AKC Championship, in under a year with limited showing and 4 majors!  CONGRATULATIONS Ruby
    and family!  Aker goes Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a 3 pt major!

    6-3-2005  Ivy is Winners Bitch for a 3 point major at the Fargo-Moorhead Kennel Club show.

    5-22-2005  Pete (Can/Int'l CH Skylark's Pistol Pete CD WC) earns his AKC Novice Agility title with a 1st
    and a 3rd place in a competitive 20" Standard class.  Pete is a natural at agility!

             5-7-2005  Aker (Sienna-Red Navigator) gets a UKC Started Hunting Retriever pass.  

    4-10-05  The winning weekend continues with Aker (Sienna-Red Navigator) going Winners Male for his
    second major (also shown only two other weekends in AKC)!  He was not entered on Saturday, (I
    entered Ray on Saturday and Aker on Sunday).  He is filling out and looking good, and he never stops
    wagging his tail in the ring!  Reserve Winners Male went to a son of our Pete, Vermilion's Kid Cooper.  
    He looks just like his dad!  Ivy went Reserve Winners to a 5-pt major, a nice way to end a winning

    4-9-05  We went to the Apple Valley show in MN and there was a huge entry of 19 Tollers!  And it was a
    great weekend for us!  To start out, Ray was making his show-ring debut, and he handled the crowded
    building just fine, made a few friends, met up with his brother Vad again, and went Reserve Winnners
    Male to a major!  A great start for Ray (Vildanden's Radon af Nischi)!  Then Ivy (Can CH Skylark
    Chasing Rainbows) went Winner's Bitch for a 5-pt major, which is her second major in very limited
    showing (this was her 3rd AKC show weekend).  Reserve Winner's Bitch was Skylark's Red Devil, Ruby,
    who is nearly finished, with 3 majors, so it won't be long.  

    4-9-05  Quincy (AKC/Can CH Skylark's Rowdy Riverdancer CD) went to an AKC obedience trial in Fargo
    ND and got his first leg toward his CDX!  What a great working team Quincy and Jean make!

    2-11-05  Madra at Vermilion Tollers (a Cricket/Wager daughter) has 5 new puppies sired by Aker.  
    These pups are closely related to our Star/Aker pups as Star and Madra are full sisters, so this will be
    interesting to watch their development.  

    2-1-05  Bet at Vermilion Tollers has 8 new puppies sired by Pete.  It will be fun to see these guys grow!  

    1-30-05  Another Pete kid does good!  Ember (NSDTRC/AKC CH Vermilion's All Fired Up WC) finishes
    her Championships with style with 4 majors!  She is 13 months old, and I am sure we'll be hearing more
    from her and Paul Kartes in the future!  

    1-8-2005  WOW Quincy is on a roll!  He finished his AKC Championship by going Best of Breed at a
    show with a large Toller entry...a five point major and his third major in a row!  He went Best of Breed the
    next day as well.  He has a NAHRA pass and so he should have his US Club Championship as well.  
    CONGRATULATIONS to Jean and Jon Gravning from Hazen ND with new AKC CH/Can CH Skylark's
    Rowdy RIverdancer CD, son of our Pete and Corrie!

    12-29-2004  Star has 7 new puppies!  They are a sleek, sturdy bunch.  

    12-11-2004  Surprise!  Corrie has 9 new puppies.  One more boy born over four hours after the last
    puppy.  So the boys outnumber the girls two to one!  click here to see Corrie's new puppies

    12-10-2004  Corrie has 8 new puppies!  Five boys, three girls..all seem fine and healthy.  More details
    and pictures soon!

    11-21-04  A "wild duck" lands in North Dakota!  We welcome Vildandens Radon af Nischi into our family!  
    He is from Vildanden's kennel in Sweden and we are so grateful to Anette Bjorgell for this Chila son!  He
    is showing us the wonderful natural retrieve and deliver-to-hand qualities that we really appreciate!

    11-14-04  Aker is Best of Winners in Canada for 2 more points.

    11-12-04  Junior Puppy "Lilly", Skylark Vermilion Wink'n A Smile, goes Winners Bitch for her first 2 points
    in Canada.  Then she is awared Best Junior Puppy in the Sporting Group Specialty from all sporting
    breeds!  We co-own Lilly with Kit McGuire and we are thankful to Kit and Brianna for letting us have Lilly
    for this weekend!  

    11-12-04  New Canadian Championship for "Quincy"!  Skylark's Rowdy Riverdancer CD went up to
    Canada needing 3 points.  He went BOB to finish on the first day, and then Group 4 from the classes!  
    He went on to 2 more BOB for the weekend.  And this was the weekend of a Sporting Breed Specialty, so
    it was a competitive group.  Wonderful way to finish for Quincy!

    Shortly after her first birthday, Chive (Skylark Chive at Water's Edge WC) earns her first Flyball title,
    Flyball Dog.  She's a natural!  

    10-23-04  Vermilion's All Fired Up WC is BEST PUPPY at the 2004 National Specialty!   "Ember" is
    owned by Paul Kartes and Kathy Koebensky-Como and bred by Kathy and Jamie Como, and was sired
    by our Pete.  The next day, at 10 months of age, she tried her best at the WCI test and passed on land,
    but did not complete the water.  Still, what a dog to be recognized for her beauty one day and make a
    great attempt in the second level field the next day, and still a puppy!  We are proud of all involved!

    8-29-04  At the Gold Rush Field event, Sadie, aka Skylarks Funny Girl WC JH earns her WCI title!  This
    daughter of Pete and Corrie LOVES the field work!   Vicki has done a wonderful job training this live
    wire!  Well done!

    8-22-04  Another show, another major for Ruby!  Skylark's Red Devil went Winners for an AKC major,
    and then Best of Opposite Sex over TWO specials for an additional point.  Great show, Kevin and Ruby!  

    7-25-04  A BIG day for the Skylark dogs at the Region 2 Field tests, the Backyard Classic!  Four Skylark
    dogs earned their Working Certificates...Can/Int'l CH Skylark's Pistol Pete CD WC, (our Pete!),  
    NSDTRC/Int's CH SHR Skylark's Vermilion Rosea WC VC (Rosea, handled by Keryl Ashbach), Int'l CH
    SHR Skylark's Mercury Rising CDX FM WC JH (Curry, handled by Dan Rode), and the baby Skylark
    Chive at Water's Edge WC (Chive, handled by Dan Rode).  Great job everyone!  Also a big
    accomplishment in that two of Pete's pups did so well in the field at 7 months of age.  Earning her WC
    was Ember, Vermilion's All Fired Up, handled by Paul Kartes.  And passing the BRT and a crowd favorite
    for her speed was our Riot, Vermilion Skylark Quiet Riot.  Wow, great to see such talented puppies!  And
    another Cricket grandson also earned his WC at the test, Ranger, Vermilion's Hyland Ranger, who's
    mom is Skylark Vermilion Madra Zev.  He was handled by Jamie Como and is owned by John Elder.